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Recommended Resources from CGGC Treasurer Bob Stephenson

Politics and the Church: What to Know in an Election Year – Churches differ in opinion about whether they should be politically involved. The IRS, on the other hand, is clear on its stance: churches need to stay out of the political ring or risk losing their tax-exempt status. This download provides the tax and legal guidelines faith-based organizations need to know before jumping into the political fray.

What’s Behind the Music? Is Your Church at Risk? Download your Church Copyright Toolkit Many church leaders are unclear about the various requirements surrounding church music and copyrights. The Copyright Toolkit will help your church avoid risk and be copyright compliant.

10 Things Every Church Administrator Should Know About Boards & Bylaws – Brotherhood Mutual’s 10 Things Every Church Administrator Should Know About Boards & Bylaws guide is an essential risk management resource for churches and related ministries. You simply need supply some information to register and the download is free from Brotherhood Mutual.

Religious Expression and Your ChurchReligious organizations are provided certain protections by the U.S. Constitution. For additional support, GuideOne Insurance offers a unique Religious Expression Coverage designed specifically to help defend against emotional injury liability.

Church Board Guide to a Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy – Church leaders and boards can take relatively simple, yet effective steps to reduce the likelihood of child sexual abuse. Implementing a preventive program can provide a safe and secure environment for the children to whom your church has been entrusted, and help reduce the legal risk and liability.

Learn signs of abuse and abusers, how to develop a prevention plan and training, and how to implement procedures.

Reducing the Risk – Child Abuse Prevention – Year after year the number one reason churches end up in court is because of an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month which is a good reminder to evaluate if your church is doing all it can to protect the youth.

Church Finance is the “go-to” reference every church needs. Using straight-forward language, the authors of Church Finance delve deeply into the critical issues all churches must address—budgeting, financial reporting, tax compliance, insurance coverage, and more.

Immigration & the ChurchThis resource will help you determine how to proceed legally with the issue of immigration. Use these articles as you consider the best ways to keep your church safe and legal and as you strive to serve the immigrant communities in your context. We pray that, however you choose to respond to these issues, God blesses you in your efforts as you seek earnestly after him.

10 Things You Should Know About FLSA Sign up to receive this resource from Brotherhood Mutual. This resource was created especially with church administrators in mind, and provides instructions, tips, and links to sample forms and checklists on a variety of topics concerning the recent updates to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) laws.

MINISTER RESOURCES from Christianity Today Magazine



2017 Church & Clergy Tax Guide

Find comprehensive help understanding United States tax laws as they relate to pastors and churches. Tax law in general is highly complex and ever changing. Add to that the many unique rules that apply to church and clergy and you’re set up for a challenging task that requires an expert’s guidance.

    Sale: $49.95    |    More information

Essential Guide to Law and Tax for New Ministers

New ministers are faced with plenty of challenges, including potentially significant legal and financial decisions. This resource offers guidance on key issues of church law and tax in a convenient and reliable format.

    Sale: $19.95    |    More information

Pastor Professional Pack II: Clergy Taxes

Seminary training rarely equips ministers with tax rules that apply to clergy, and church treasurers often don’t know about the unique tax laws that apply to clergy. Use the downloadable resources in this pack to learn essentials on how taxes relate to ministers and churches

    Sale: $59.95    |    More information

Essential Guide to Copyright Law for Churches

An easy-to-use reference for all the copyright issues churches encounter in the course of their weekly activities. From photocopying sheet music to posting Internet content, noted church attorney, Richard Hammar, explains how to avoid copyright infringement, as well as how to protect the copyrighted works of ministers and staff.

    Sale: $49.95    |    More information