Our movement was born in the fires of the second Great Awakening in North America in the early nineteenth century. Our highest values and commitments are the same today as they were in the beginning: to passionately follow the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Word. We have been rescued, redeemed and transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and seek to demonstrate and proclaim that Gospel to every man, woman and child to whom we are sent.

We are a family of churches and ministries committed to Jesus and His kingdom. The Churches of God, General Conference (CGGC) is comprised of 325 congregations located across the US as well as a growing host of congregations across the globe in eleven countries and more in development. We are proud to have The University of Findlay and Winebrenner Theological Seminary as institutions of higher learning and we’re blessed with a number of schools and medical works around the world. We are better together and it’s only through vital relationships that we’re able to partner with another, support one another and do more together than any of us could accomplish on our own.

We believe that every follower of Jesus has a role to play in God’s ever expanding kingdom. From our earliest days we’ve encouraged both men and women to respond to God’s call to serve. We are serious about making disciples and developing leaders who are able to make disciples who make disciples. We are a diverse body of races, ethnicities and nationalities who respect one another and value the contributions that each one brings to our spiritual family.

We’re committed to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. We’ve been involved in global missions for over 100 years and God continues to open doors to new fields and opportunities. You’ll find a multitude of holistic CGGC ministries in Bangladesh, India, Haiti, Brazil, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico and other locations representing a current total of 11 countries with more opportunities in progress. 

In everything we do, we’re growing in our ability to take risks for the sake of Christ and His kingdom. We’re compelled by the love of Jesus Christ and His example of risking everything and thus continue to establish new churches, open new fields of ministry and explore new expressions of Gospel ministry in a changing world.

We’re thrilled that you’ve stopped by our website. We hope that it helps you get a better sense of who we are, what we do and where we’re going as God leads us into the future.

Christ’s Peace,

Lance Finley