Media Access Collection

Enhance the teaching within your small group. Rent a media resource to easily communicate your lessons and ease your preparation.

The process

1. Choose a Resource.

2. Call 419-424-1961 to talk to someone about borrowing a resource.

3. If your resource is not available you will be put on a waiting list and your requested resource will be mailed to you as soon as it becomes available.

Return Policy

YOU set the due date! Tell us when you will return the series so that we can book the series for the “next in line” group. PLEASE be prompt with returning each series on the date indicated. THANK YOU! We are more ministry effective if each series can be “on the move” at all times.

*If you have borrowed a resource and have yet to return it in a timely manner, please contact We are currently missing many of our resources which decreases our loaning options. Please let us know if you have any resources and please be prompt in returning them. Thank you.


A shipping fee of only $15 is charged for each media kit and $5 for each single DVD. You will be billed by invoice. The invoice will be included with each series.


Click here to view all available resources.  You are able to search by topic.