Missional Leadership Initiative- MLI

Providing personal and professional transforming experiences for individuals who lead Churches of God, General Conference congregations and church organizations into mission.

The Churches of God, General Conference is adopting three strategic initiatives for its immediate future:

Identifying and releasing apostolic, visionary leaders who will be catalytic in establishing new congregations; cultivating spiritual vitality among existing and emerging leaders who will demonstrate competence and character in their ability to lead congregations; and raising up the next generation of leaders who will experience freedom to relate authentically to an increasingly unchurched culture. At the heart of these strategic themes is the command of Jesus “to go and make disciples of all nations.”

The church recognizes specifically that pastors play a significant role in helping the local congregation live out its mission in the world. This mission is meant to equip persons to live out the love of Jesus Christ in the world, to help people move beyond their comfort to self-giving service in the name of Christ. For many congregations, and even church leaders, it becomes too easy to choose safety, security, maintenance in a risk free environment that lacks the creative Kingdom-minded focus that characterized Jesus life and ministry.

Effective pastors pay attention to the call of God into the world, and continually develop a vital relationship with the Lord. In addition, they seek a holistic life, being attentive to their emotional well-being, maintaining appropriate relational boundaries, sharpening skills that demonstrate competency in ministry, appropriately managing personal finances, and maintaining physical health.

Research by the Sandberg Leadership Center of Ashland Seminary suggests that “the church demands a more complex form of leadership than any other enterprise. Pastors are visionary, goal-oriented, hard-working, and intentional about ministry. However, many pastors are caught in unhealthy patterns of people-pleasing, dependency, and competition [while] neglecting their spiritual lives, their personal well-being, and time with close colleagues in ministry.” (The Program on Pastors of Excellence, Sandberg Leadership Center , Ashland Theological Seminary, 2005)

The CGGC has developed a two-year program based on a cohort model to strengthen and develop effective mission-oriented pastors for the church. The program consists of 40-50 individuals meeting in eight groups, each led by a trained mentor/facilitator. Program leaders provide oversight and instruction to the participants, who meet together in six three-day retreats. Facilitators lead their cohort in community-building, character development, and competency based exercises.

Questions? Contact Kelly Donat: kelly@cggc.org