Missionary Shares Program  

GR missionaries are funded through designated giving. Potential donors are encouraged to prayerfully consider giving one or more shares to the missionary of their choice.


Q – What GR missionaries/nationals need MORE “share” support?

Answer – Here’s the current list of additional shares still needed for missionaries/nationals to be fully funded for the current 2018 year. (Updated  February 21, 2018)

Share Support Needed
Giving Code Missionaries Additional Shares Needed
GR 2701Uttam & Liza Dewan, Bangladesh29 shares
GR 2722Samir & Charusheela Singha, India19 shares
GR 2730Rod & Mila Ayers, Haiti
GR 2731Gordon & Annie Avey, Brazil193 shares
GR 2735Devin & Tabitha Dillinger, Gamerco & Hooghan, NM3 shares
GR 2744Stephen & Amy Hosler, Haiti128 shares
GR 2754David & Kenda Kapaku, Maui 1 shares
GR 2756Doug & Anna-Karin Molgaard, Sweden
GR 2757John & Toni Thumma, Gamerco & Hooghan, NM
GR 2758Everett & Mary Teller, Tsaile, AZ42 shares
GR 2763Mike & Dawn VanDervort, Haiti
GR 2764Caleb & Christina Acosta, Latino Ministries186 shares

Q –How much is a “share” of missionary support?

Answer – One share is $300 for the year (or $25 per month).

Q – Why is this needed?

Answer – Our deputation funding approach
(adopted back in 1994) has definitely allowed us to expand our outreach
into other countries and cultures. But we have relied too much on
one-time gifts and occasional contributions which may get missionaries
to the field much sooner but does little to create long term partners to support them in their ministry.

Q – Any other reasons for the “share” approach?

Answer – Yes. First, we’ve heard concerns being
expressed about the need to improve our missionary funding process so
that recent deficits in some of their accounts can be eliminated.
Secondly, we’re convinced that donors who give regularly (partner) are much more
faithful in praying for the missionaries than are
those who give sporadically. And prayer is a vital means of support for
our missionary staff. Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there will
your heart be also.”

Q – How should my “share(s)” be paid?

Answer – Some donors prefer to give $300 at one time. Others give
monthly ($25), bi-monthly ($60), quarterly ($75) or semi-annually ($150). That’s fine. We (and the
missionary) simply need to know we can count on you for consistent
support (as the Lord provides.)

Q – Does this mean that one-time or occasional gifts will not be accepted?

Answer – Not at all. Those kinds of gifts will
still be beneficial to a missionary’s reserve account, but we’ve
learned we cannot rely on those alone. The missionary who has committed
to long-time service in another culture needs to know there are
individuals, groups, and churches who will also share in a commitment to
help sustain their ministry.

Q – Can our Sunday School class or church provide more than 1 share?

Answer – Absolutely! We
currently have churches providing 4 or more
shares per month. Some churches can easily do more than that!

Q – How do I participate in the “share” support of a missionary?

Answer – You can indicate in writing your
intent to provide one or more shares toward a missionary’s support over
the next two years. You can use either (1) one of the missionary prayer
cards, (2) a return card from one of the announcement brochures being
mailed out to our GR mailing list, or even (3) an email to our GR
staff (travis@cggc.org) indicating your intent to support a missionary at a particular share support level.

Q – What if I’m interested in the “share” program but am not sure I can afford to participate?

Answer – $300 is less than $1 a day. In most
cases, extra discipline or sacrifice is all that is required.