The Tellers

Growing up in the home of alcoholic parents, Everett became interested in Christ after he saw how his mother’s life was changed by the Lord. He was twelve years old at the time of his own conversion.

While self-employed makers of Indian jewelry, Everett & Mary pastored a small church in their community of Lukachukai, AZ. They later began attending Tsaile Community Church in 1990 when the congregation was still meeting in the Navajo Community College facilities. They have eagerly served the Lord in a variety of roles of worship, teaching, and council leadership. When their Anglo missionary pastor resigned in summer 2005, Everett & Mary felt led of God to apply.

They are Tsaile’s 4th pastor and the first Navajo to serve in that position. They welcome the opportunity to devote more time to expanding the ministry of Tsaile Community Church. As Native Americans, Everett & Mary understand the needs of their people and especially their need for Christ.

They have three children: Tanya, Terry and Travis.


Here’s a short interview discussing their ministry:


Everett – July 14
Mary – May 11


February 8

Prayer Focus

  • Tsaile Community Church ministries
  • Spiritual Growth and understanding the Word
  • Commitment
  • Leadership within the church
  • Children’s Church


Pastor Everett & Mary Teller
Tsaile Community Church
P.O. Box 145
Tsaile, AZ 86556