In June 2008, a group of churches in the Embu area, which had formally requested affiliation with the CGGC, were granted “provisional status” while they become organized.

Today there are 14 churches and preaching centers organized as “Voice of the Gospel Ministry” with 637 in worship. In 2016, 10 churches were reported. Grants for a micro-loan ministry and a growing aquaponics program improve economic opportunities. Joseph Mwaura serves as field director and missionary assistants are being sought to help with leadership training and development.

to CC 2831 – KENYA MINISTRIES to assist in leadership training, outreach and the micro-loan ministry.
to CC 2832 – KENYA SPECIAL PROJECTS – Special projects including aquaponics program and ministry center.
to CC 2837 – KENYA SCHOLARSHIPS to provide educational opportunities for those to whom the door would normally be closed due to finances.