Our first overseas mission school begun in the Howrah District, West Bengal in 1898 is still open and self-supporting. In addition to this Uluberia Town Mission School, the ministry operates the Uluberia Mission House School and  Child Development Centers. More than 600 children are enrolled in these schools.  Our Mission assists in training and teaching adults, children, youth and women in ways that improve their lives and help them be productive citizens.

Today the work includes locations throughout West Bengal and parts of west India. Kids and families alike are impacted by camps that help equip and invest in their spiritual welfare and development as good citizens.

Samir & Charusheela Singha oversee the ministry.



to GR 2720 – COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT assists in the development of local communities through teaching and training adults, children, youth, and women in ways to better their lives.
to GR 2722 – FIELD DIRECTOR SUPPORT support and expenses for Samir Singha to oversee the Mission.
to GR 2903 – INDIA PARTNERING FUND  which helps maintain the living quarters and other buildings on the premises and provide support for campus staff.
to GR 2827 – INDIA MISSION SCHOOLS which supports schools for poor children.