January 12, 2010 the devastating earthquake brought the country of Haiti and its many needs to the world’s attention. Generous giving to our Haiti ministries from the USA and other countries provided emergency medical care, repair and reconstruction of buildings, clean drinking water, refugee assistance, and increased funding for schools.

The Churches of God in Haiti currently includes 41 churches and mission stations with over 5,500 members. These congregations reported 330 conversions and 273 baptisms in 2016. There are currently 4,051 students enrolled in 27 Church-run primary schools. In 2017, 51  medical, ministry, and work teams served in Haiti. USA medical teams volunteer at our Pierre Payen medical facilities almost every month.

Pastor Denis Droicin currently serves as President of Confèrence des Eglises de Dieu en Haïti which holds its annual assembly the first week in January.

Mike VanDervort serves as the Executive Director of Project Help-Haiti.

The Project Help website is  https://projecthelphaiti.org

Click here to read our “We Believe” Haitian Creole version.


to GR 2763 – VANDERVORT SUPPORT for support of Mike & Dawn VanDervort’s ministry in Haiti.
to GR 2730 – AYERS SUPPORT for support of Rod & Mila Ayers’ ministry in Haiti.
to GR 2746 – HAITI EVANGELISTIC MINISTRIES for support of Watson Joseph’s chaplaincy ministry at the Pierre Payen Hospital and connecting with Haiti Sister Church pastors.
to GR 2718 – PROJECT HELP PARTNERING FUND to assist in maintaining buildings, vehicles, equipment, generators, Haitian staff wages, and funding for Project Help. This core funding program allows the missionaries and visiting teams to minister in Haiti.
to GR 2803 – HAITI CHURCH MINISTRIES for assistance with community outreach programs;children, youth and women’s ministries; evangelism and discipleship; pastoral care; and leadership training. Contact us for more information about sponsoring a Haitian church.
to GR 2713 – HAITI PRIMARY SCHOOLS to help to provide lunches and supplies to the Christian “sister schools” operated by churches. Contact us for more information about sponsoring a Haitian school.
to GR 2716 – HAITI MEDICAL MINISTRIES for the continued medical needs of the community.
to GR 2836 – HAITI MICRO-FINANCE AND DEVELOPMENT for the teaching of basic business principles and the extension of micro-loans to allow the impoverished to start businesses.
to GR 2825 – NURSING & PT SCHOOL OPERATIONS assists the school with salaries and program costs.
to GR 2826 – NURSING & PT SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP FUND provides scholarships for qualified students.
to GR 2726 – HAITI VOCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND currently assists two students in medical school.