Our ministry in Brazil was launched when Pastor Gordon & Annie Avey returned in 1994 to Campinas after additional studies in the States. They had previously served with another missions organization in the eastern state of Bahia. In the early years, Gordon taught in an evangelical Bible School and mentored several young church planters. They also partnered with Pathway to Freedom, an evangelism and discipleship ministry for street youth.

In 1998, the first CGGC church was established in Araraquara, Since then, several more churches have been planted in the states of Sao Paulo, Bahia and Tocantins. The Bahia Bible Institute launched in March 2006, and trains leaders and raises up new church planters.

In 2016, there were 7 churches with 475 members, 68 conversions, and 45 baptisms reported.


to GR 2731 – GORDON & ANNIE AVEY SUPPORT to partner with them as they plant churches and provide pastoral care and leadership development.
to GR 2804 – CHURCH PLANTING to assist church planters with starting up new churches.
to GR 2818 – MINISTRY VEHICLE FOR PASTOR GORDON AVEY to provide funds for the replacement of the ministry vehicle.
to GR 2828 – JAMBEIRO PARK CHURCH CONSTRUCTION – Funds to help expand the Jambeiro Park ministry center in Campinas.