Bangladesh is our most extensive overseas field with a focus in community development, education, and medicine. There are over 8,290 reported members. There are 191 churches in Bangladesh (1 new) and of those churches there were 136 baptisms and 115 professions of faith. In 2017, 3 new worship structures were built due to growing ministry. There were 22 nursing school graduates in 2017. Bangladesh mission operates 22 schools with more than 2,000 children enrolled.

Bogra Hospital and Khanjanpur Health & Eye Clinics treated over 111,000 patients in 2017; there were 7,200 surgeries. A nursing program at Bogra equips nurses to work in medical facilities throughout the country. Health education classes are taught in the districts on such topics as hygiene & sanitation, clean drinking water, child marriage, and HIV-Aids prevention.

Uttam Dewan of Bogra serves as Field Director and Dr. John Costa of Khanjanpur serves as Deputy Field Director (GR 2701).


To give a DESIGNATED GIFT in support of the ministry in Bangladesh, please use one of the following codes:


to GR2701 – FIELD DIRECTOR SUPPORT salary and administrative expenses for Director and Deputy Director.
to GR2702 – EDUCATION/SCHOOLS for primary and secondary schools, Khanjanpur Boarding School, the College of Christian Theology and reading rooms in Bogra and Joypurhat.
to GR2703 – MISSION OPERATING EXPENSES helps to cover costs associated with Bogra and Khanjanpur properties.
to GR2709 – COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT assist in the development of local communities through spiritual welfare and leadership training.
to GR2710 – MEDICAL MINISTRIES goes towards the Bogra Hospital, nurses’ training, village health programs, Khanjanpur clinics and handicapped center.