GEM Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for The Gem.

Our readership includes adolescents through senior citizens, and we try to publish stories and articles which will be relevant to a diversity of ages and life situations. We are looking for pieces which are authentic experiences of God’s help, of healed relationships, and of growing maturity in faith. It is important that characters are true to life, and solutions to problems are genuine.

The Gem is planned all across the year. A file for each theme is maintained. As articles come in and are tentatively accepted, they are placed in the theme to be used. Seasonal material is used more quickly, but some may not be used for several years. Thus an author’s work may be accepted even though a reply is not made for months. If a submitted piece does not suit our needs, the author is informed at our earliest convenience. The flood of submissions and press of editorial duties has made this a slow process.

We buy only one time, multiple rights. Back issues of The Gem may appear online on the Churches of God, General Conference website. The material remains the property of the author and may be submitted to other publishers. If your submission is selected, the rate of payment is $15 for stories of less than 500 words, $20 for stories between 500 and 999 words, and $30 for 1K+ words. Games and poems will pay $10 per item. Payment is sent after publication.

Email submissions only. The preferred file format is Microsoft Word. Text included in the body of your email is also acceptable. Please send submissions to:

The Gem
P.O. Box 926
Findlay, OH 45839

If Scripture is quoted, please do not abbreviate [e.g. 1 Corinthians 13:1]. We prefer the New International Version.

Theme List for The Gem

God’s Great Gift/Salvation
God’s Guidance
God’s Redemption/Healing
God’s Timing
Goodness of God/His Blessings
Growth in Our Walk With God
Prayer and Listening to God
Thinking of Others