Thank you for your interest in the ministries of the CGGC. You can access any of our ministry departments by clicking on the items in the menu on the right. Here is a short description of some of the information you will find under each one.


We are, as believers, called to reach wide into the world. This may be accomplished through financial support of workers in the field. You can also choose to participate directly on an upcoming short term mission trip (ACTS Teams).


The Communications Department is responsible for communicating the vision and mission of the CGGC in a variety of media. The web site is one form of digital communication along with social medial and video production and blogs. If you want to subscribe to any of our electronic newsletters you can do so by clicking here. The Global Advocate is the CGGC official bi-monthly magazine.


In this section you can find out what is being sought in potential leaders in the church and across the denomination and access tools and resources to develop your leadership skills.This ministry department covers a lot of ground, including important information on Bible Quizzing, Student Leadership Training, ENGAGE encounters, helps for Real World Parenting and much more.


Mobilizing Disciples encompasses two emphases. The first concerns the rejuvenation of existing congregations (making them new) and the second deals with planting new fellowships.


Partnering in God’s Mission aims to create opportunities to accomplish more for the Kingdom by working together. Links to partner organizations and e-mail signups can be found here.


This link will take you to the web site of the CGGC Women’s Ministries. They have many programs to learn about and get involved in. Be sure to check out the information on the March Women’s Retreat while you are there.