F/T Lead Pastor – Silver Creek Church of God, Silver Lake, IN – MRC



Silver Creek Church of God

Pastor Mark Goeglein

6504 W 1300 S
Silver Lake, IN 46982


Churches of God, General Conference

Silver Creek COG


Equip & Serve

Information about the Position:
Solo Pastor or Bi-Vocational Pastor
Job Summary:
Silver Creek Church of God is looking for a pastor to shepherd and lead our church family. We are a small rural church located near Silver Lake and Akron, IN. We need a caring and humble leader with a shepherd’s heart. We desire to be missional to our community and have a history of a variety of outreach events towards our community. We need a pastor who will encourage us with relevant messages that are both Biblical and practical to everyday life. We desire someone who will motivate, strategize, and train us to reach our community as well as the next generation for Christ.
Inquiries can be made by sending a cover letter, resume, picture (family if applicable), and one-page bio.
Primary Areas of
*Pastor/Teacher committed to solid biblical exegesis and teaching
*Pastor/Shepherd committed to pastoral care and visitation
*Leader/Visionary committed to leading the congregation in outreach
Is this a new or previously existing position?
NEW POSITION we hired an intentional interim in January 2020.
Why is the position now open?
Mutual agreement from the pastor and the church to pursue a fresh start after working together for twenty years.
Information about the Church or Organization:
Churches of God, General Conference (www.cggc.org)
Worship Style:
Traditional Attendance: Adult: 40 to 50 Student Ministry 5 or less
Community Type:
Rural – Country – Small Town
Seating Capacity:
125 – 150
Qualification of the Candidate:
Age Range:
35-50 Gender Preference: Male Marital Status: Married, Single, Widowed
Ethnic Profile:
Primarily Caucasian area with a small Hispanic community
Teaching (clear and challenging) Care (compassionate and shepherding) Evangelistic and Missional (outward vision) Visionary and Creative (innovative and strategic)
Type of Person Desired:
We are looking for a candidate who is willing to work with the current team of volunteers in reaching out to the community in creative and meaningful ways. This candidate must understand that our church is a family-oriented traditional church with a rich and long history, despite our recent decline in size and our current pandemic we have a strong desire to reach the community for Christ.

Silver Creek Church of God
Ministry Description
REPORTS TO: Elders and Congregation (through the Council)
CLASSIFICATION: Regular, full-time
DATE: September 1st, 2020
• The Senior Pastor will be devoted to prayer and ministry of the Word (Acts 6:4).
• The Senior Pastor will teach and proclaim the Word of God (2 Timothy 2:15, 4:2).
• The Senior Pastor will lead with integrity and skill (Psalm 78:72, 1 Timothy 5:17).
• The Senior Pastor will oversee and shepherd the church body (1 Peter 5:1-4)
Teaching/Preaching: (50% or 20-25 hours per week)
• Lead communicator and Bible teacher. When not speaking during corporate gatherings he will be responsible to select speakers that are consistent with the doctrine and vision of Silver Creek Church of God (SCCOG).
• In partnership with the Elders will monitor the doctrine and teachings communicated on the SCCOG campus, home groups, and social media platforms.
Personal Growth and Renewal: (10% or 4-5 hours per week)
• Dedicate significant time to renewal, reading, and research for personal and pastoral health through scheduled times away from campus.
• Set aside time each week praying for the leadership, ministries, and direction of SCCOG.
Pastoral: (10% or 4-5 hours per week)
• Provide pastoral care for weddings, funerals, hospital visitations, and other pastoral responsibilities according to his discernment and schedule.
• Provide counseling on a limited basis. Delegate counseling responsibilities to trained and professional counselors whenever possible.
Vision and Leadership: (10% or 4-5 hours per week)
• Create and communicate a vision and strategy for SCCOG. Monitor, review, and adjust the vision and strategy with both the Elders and Church Council.
• Provide vision, strategies, and values to the Elders and Church Council.
• Monitor and empower the spiritual health and team dynamics of the Elders and Church Officers.
• Responsible to ensure periodic reviews and evaluations of the spiritual and emotional health of SCCOG.
• Provide leadership and direction with the Church Chairman regarding all meetings and committees within the church.
Recruitment and Equipping: (10% or 4-5 hours per week)
• Has the responsibility and authority to recruit, train, and deploy capable and gifted volunteers for service.
Outreach and Evangelism: (10% or 4-5 hours per week)
• Provide a model and vision for both personal and corporate outreach and evangelism.
• Involved directly in providing leadership being more missional in reaching out to our community with random acts of kindness and service.