ARC   Allegheny Region Conference
CAE   California Eldership
ERC   Eastern Regional Conference
GRC   Great Lakes Region Conference
MRC   Mid-west Region Conference
MSR   Mid-south Region
WRC  Western Region Conference
WTS   Winebrenner Theological Seminary


The following list represents those who provided input into the writing and editing of the We Believe 2013 document at various symposiums and meetings across the Church from 2009 through 2013. Each one deserves special thanks for their perseverance in attempting to create a succinct yet thorough discussion of the beliefs commonly held in the Churches of God, General Conference. Please contact the General Conference offices in Findlay, Ohio to include in future editions any additional names accidentally omitted, or to make corrections.

Adams, Brad                             GRC
Adkins, Bob                              ARC
Akers, Woodson                       ARC
Allen, Shelby                            ARC
Allen, Walter                             ARC
Arndt, Dennis                            ARC
Arndt, Julia                               ARC
Asel, Bob                                  GRC
Aumsbaugh, Lee                       MRC
Beerbower, David                     MRC
Bender, Deb                             ERC
Bistline, Randy                         ERC
Bogges, Bob                             ARC
Bons, Amanda                          MRC
Bons, Scott                               MRC
Boyer, Nancy                            ERC
Brandt, Mary                             ERC
Brickner, Micah                        ERC
Brougher, Shirley                      ARC
Brougher, Tom                         ARC
Brown, Milton                            ERC
Bruce, Dean                             GRC
Brunner, Denneta                      MRC
Brunner, Halen                          MRC
Buck, Nathan                            GRC
Burns, John                              CAE
Carney, Joe                              GRC
Canterbury, Mark                      ARC
Carlin, Floyd                             ERC
Clemons, Darl                           MRC
Cocklin, Joel                             ERC, WTS
Cordell, Stan                             ERC
Craddock, Rheul                       ARC
Cranmer, Joe                            ARC
Criminger, Fred                        MRC
Darrah, Stan                             ERC
Davis, Albert                             ARC
Davis, Audrey                           ARC
DeBan, Sherry                          ARC
Dennison, Don                          MRC
DeVincent, John                       ARC
Dillewmeyer, Bob                      ARC
Dodds, John                             GRC
Donaldson, Bob                        GRC
Dorman, Cheryl                        ERC
Douglas, Doug                          MRC
Doyle, John                              ARC
Duffy, Judy                               ARC
Dukinor, D. L.                           ARC
Dukinor, Sharon                        ARC
Dull, Ron                                  ERC
Draper, Andrew                         MRC
Draper, David                           ERC, WTS
Draper, Linda                            ERC
Eatherton, Bob                          MRC
Eding, Tim                                GRC
Engelhardt, Don                        ARC
Everett, Joey                            MSR
Finley, Lance                            GRC
Follett, Ron                               ARC
Foreman, Rachel                      CGGC Staff
Fox, Danny                               ARC
Fox, Dave                                 ARC
Frank, Chuck                            ERC
Frederick, Dick                         ERC
Freeman, Jim                           MRC
Ginter, Matt                              GRC
Goodrick, Amanda                    ARC
Green, David                            GRC
Griffith, Andrew                         ERC
Grubb, Arkie                             MRC
Grubb, Don                               MRC
Guirrier, Evenson                      Haiti
Guy, Rob                                  ARC
Guyler, Jack                             ERC
Hamsher, Dennis                      ERC
Hanna, John                             ARC
Hanna, Raemon                        ARC
Harlan, Lloyd                            MRC
Halliday, Mark                          ERC
Hamlin, Julian                           ARC
Harrison, Tina                           ARC
Harvey, Steve                           MRC
Harvey, Rhonda                        MRC
Hay, Dean                                ARC
Horwedel, Dan                          MRC
Hosler, Mark                             ERC
Hostetter, Charlie                      ERC
Hughes, Rick                            MRC
Inman, Kenny                           MRC
Jenkins, Gordon                       MRC
Jenkins, Keith                           MRC
Jenkins, Randy                         ERC
Jensen, George                        ERC
Johnson, Steve                         MRC
Johnston, Mitch                        ARC
Kaufman, Arnie                         GRC
Keckler, Ben                             MRC
Keckler, Jim                             MRC
Keefer, Brenda                          ERC
Keefer, Shirley                          ERC
Keiser, Jim                               GRC
Kelly, Brandon                          GRC
Kidd, George                            MRC
Kline, Lee                                 ARC
Klock, Jim                                ERC
Knode, Gary                             ERC
Koontz, Denny                          ERC
Koontz, Jean                             ERC
Learn, David                             ERC
Lehman, Mary                           GRC
Leichliter, James                      ARC
Lucas, Thomas                         ERC
Martin, Jim                               MRC
Meader, Ryan                           MRC
Meier, Justin                             ERC
Malick, Joan                             ERC
Malick, Bob                              ERC
Maughan, Stan                         ERC
McClain, Mike                           GRC
McGraw, Tom                           ARC
Metzler, Lawrence                     ERC
Mikkelsen, Ed                           ARC
Miller, Brian                              MRC
Miller, Dick                               ERC
Miller, Will                                GRC
Mills, Earl                                 ERC
Mills, Kim                                 ERC
Monticue, Jim                           ARC
Moss, Jim Jr.                           ERC
Murdock, Stephanie                  ARC
Neely, Jon                                ERC
Neely-Sleasman, Rachel           ERC
Nelson, Bobbie                         ARC
Nelson, Ray                              ARC
Nissley, John                            WTS
Nolt, Doug                                ARC
Osborn, Glenn                          ERC
Owen, Stan                               MRC
Parthemore, Jeff                       ERC
Pennington, Johnny                  ARC
Prichard, Darrell                       GRC
Raderstorf, Keith                       MRC
Ream, Terry                             GRC
Raudenbush, Walt                     ERC
Reist, Bill                                  GRC
Rempel, Larry                           ARC
Reser, George                          MRC
Richardson, Kevin                     ERC
Riley, Chuck                             ERC
Robinson, Dave                        ERC
Rockey, Jeff                             MRC
Rosenberry, Edward                 ERC
Rosenberry, Linda                     ERC
Rosenberry, Trevor                   ERC
Rosser, Ken                             GRC
Sabelhaus, Frank                      MRC
Santmyer, Sandra                     ARC
Scheffer, Ron                           ARC
Scheuing, Roger                       ERC
Scott, Holly                               MRC
Scott, Phil                                 ERC
Scott, Ron                                MRC
Shoemaker, Bill                        GRC
Shoup, Carol                             ARC
Show, Doug                              ARC
Show, Vincent                           ARC
Showers, George                      GRC
Skokut, Sam                             ARC
Sloat, Bill                                  ERC
Smith, Bill                                 ARC
Spangler, George                     ERC
Spence, Jeff                             MRC
Starkey, Eric                            MRC
Staats, Gary                             WTS
Steinhauer, Terry                      GRC
Stephenson, Bob                       GRC
Stillman, Steve                         WRC
Stoner, Frank                            ARC
Sturr, Phil                                 ERC
Sullenberger, Sarah                  ARC
Taylor, Eddie                            ARC
Templeton, Roger                     ERC
Thomas, Fred                           ERC
Tiffin, Todd                               WRC
Tobias, Ben                              ARC
Tobias, Paul                             ARC
Toner, Marsha                          MRC
Toner, Tom                              MRC
Tosten, Matt                             MRC
Walker, Michael                        ERC
Walters, P.D.                            WRC
Westerkamp, Laurel                  MRC
Whetstone, Steve                     MRC
Weil, Tom                                 ERC
Wieland, Jack                           MRC
Welker, David                           GRC
Wilder, Jim                               GRC, WTS
Williams, David                         ERC
Wilson, Phil                              WRC
Wingrove, Joe                          ARC
Yost, Dave                               ERC
Zitch, Ken                                 ERC
Zumbo, Anthony                        ERC