Our Staff

Lance Finley
Executive Director
E: lance@cggc.org


Don Dennison
Church and Mission Consultant
E: missions@cggc.org


Ben Tobias
Director of Cross-Cultural Ministries
E: ccm@cggc.org


Travis Helm
Assistant Director of Cross Cultural Ministries
E: travis@cggc.org


Brandon Kelly
Director of Transformational Ministries
E: brandon@cggc.org


Bill Shoemaker
New Churches Specialist
E: billplanting@cggc.org


Bob Stephenson
Director of Finance and Conference Treasurer
E: treasurer@cggc.org


Rachel Foreman
Printed Media Managing Editor
E: communications@cggc.org


Kris Cupp
Publications, Sales and Service
E: publications@cggc.org


Darlene Mattox
Pensions Administrative Assistant
E: pensions@cggc.org


Michael Martin
Director of Denominational Communications
Manager of Technology and Information

E: comptech@cggc.org


Jim Marckel
Historical Archives and Museum

E: archives-museum@cggc.org